A Word on Meridians

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At the risk of boring you, I must begin my blog with a little Chinese 101 to explain my title. A Meridian, as defined by good ol’ Wikipedia, is a path through which the life-energy known as “Qi” flows. Simply put, these meridians are the highways of our vitality and/or life force. This might all sound a bit simple to you, but this Qi business can get very complex. I took a Chinese Medicine course the last time I was in China, and I discovered the innumerable things, good and bad, that can happen to my Qi at any given time. The proper flow of my chi is often dictated by the balance of the 5 elements and how they function with their corresponding season and organ.

Lucky for me, my fire element is overactive 365/24/7, leading to an overactive heart. (I know you are dying to find out your dominant elements now , so click here). Luckier for me, people with overactive fire elements suffer most during the summer–I left at the perfect time. Most of you will not be surprise by the fact that Chinese medicine predicts:

“If the Fire Element is out of balance, or is blocked from fully expressing itself, Fun seeking becomes giddiness; humor becomes excitability, conversation becomes incoherent babble; friendliness turns to flirtation; charisma becomes seduction; and enthusiasm becomes grandiosity.”

Anyone who knows me well knows that saying the word “China” or pointing to a Chinese baby (See photo below) is a foolproof strategy for witnessing my overactive heart and most likely the above symptoms–especially the incoherent babble. (Note to self: the last time I arrived in China my excitement led to me running over an elderly Chinese woman with my luggage cart at the airport). With this being said, China is an interesting place for me.  Now, here I am, back to my surrogate motherland, overactive heart and all.

Yes, those are tears. I was way too excited.

So, why did I choose “My Chinese Meridians” as my title? Because this blog is about expressing how my Qi will flow through these Chinese paths over the next two years. With me being a passionate person, you will witness many instances of an overactive heart. I also fully expect to share with you the grounding power of being accountable to a cause greater than myself–the cause of Teach for China. My job is to empower underprivileged students in and outside of the classroom. I will channel my overactive heart as intensely as possible to bridge the education gap in whatever capacity I can.

Since accepting my position with Teach for China, I have often wondered if I have a single clue as to what will be best for my students. Have I reached a conclusion? God no! All I know now is that everyone has a unique energy to share–me to my students and my students to me especially. With our humanism to share, I will strive to connect with my students at a core level. I look forward to sharing me and my students’ journey: our inspirations, our blockages, our overactivity, our choice of escape, and all the fun in between (we should never take ourselves too seriously).

Look forward to stories about my students, sexy (and not so sexy) chinese food, sqautters, bug infestations, inevitable encounters with cultural faux pas, and some epiphanies here and there.

One thought on “A Word on Meridians

    halps said:
    July 13, 2012 at 7:28 am

    Beautiful – in layout and content.

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