About Me


My name is Hannah Kerne. I am an English teacher living in 六合,a Bai minority village in rural Yunnan, China, trying to bridge the education gap between rural and urban students. I shower once a week. I have to walk five minutes to get to the closest water source to fill my lovely bucket. The closest city is four hours away. Pork fat and rice and more pork fat are the staples around here. That and a lot of other things that we Americans are not used to eating: pickled this, fermented that, you did what with the chicken heart? Take this journey with me, Hannah Kerne, a foodie in an interesting place. I am learning what “buying local” really means. I am learning what it means for a culture to be defined by its food, by its land. I am learning what it means for my kitchen to be outside with a wok in hand and a temperamental electric hot plate in the other.

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